If you were to venture far back into this forest of bamboo you would come upon a peaceful brook with a small cottage on the bank. It is in this cottage, the Safe Money Ninja has been meditating for many years now.  It was not an easy decision to decide to awaken the Ninja, and all were aware there may be unanticipated consequences.  It was only due to the unimaginable amount of missed-information on “Safe Money Planning” that there was but only one path to follow!

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Allianz 222 Review
To know the road ahead, ask those returning!
“I heard” is good; “I saw” is better
Teachers open the door; you enter by yourself
When the waters drop, the rocks appear!
The wise listens to their heart, the foolish to the mob!

Allianz 222 Review

The Safe Money Ninja  has chosen to start with this policy as it has already sold several billions of dollars in a very short period of time. While there are current reviews of this policy, Not one individual has bothered to actually take the time to understand what this policy can really do! I am going to slowly point out the major flaws with a recent review on  a site called “Annuitygator.” The site is a great source of information however they really took an extended Sushi break when it came to getting the facts clear on this policy.

As the Ninja has stated many times. “If you stand straight , Do not fear a crooked shadow!” It is of little use to play the “what if” game for financial prediction until you equalize the playing field. In the review on “Annuitygator” it is quite obvious that major considerations such as Estate or Legacy Planning and total return were not part of the attempted evaluation of this policy. I will start by pointing out the broad oversights and then we will address the actual errors in the review.

YOU TUBE VIDEO – Allianz 222 review by Annuitygator

This policy has a death benefit as part of the PIV (protected income value.) That benefit is free as there is no mortality charge. Be aware this is never mentioned in the review. For an individual who is not able to get insurance this would be a home run for legacy transfer. It is clearly 5th grade math to see that in year ten if the owner were to die that the return based on the PIV income number shown in the video of $213,277.93.  I guess I’m old school because in 29 years 7.6% over ten years with NO RISK is still a pretty big deal! Only someone who does not understand opportunity cost would overlook the amazing return to the beneficiary at any point in the first 20 years.

What we are observing is a stock market/ equity mindset trying to downplay the superior package of benefits this policy offers. We also have to look at the potential for eliminating the tax drag any investor would have to use a mutual fund or equity position.  The savings to the average investor in a tax deferred environment vs. a taxable position is huge as there is no lost opportunity cost along the way. We will get to all that in a moment. We are going to observe how the focus is only on the accumulation value while dis-regarding the huge impact of the death benefit. In addition, the increasing lifetime income which is participating in the 150% bonus in all positive years.

Now when the reviewer states ” Unless I am getting this wrong” he was not kidding. He is 100% wrong when he states the odds of increasing income is very low due to the belief that the accumulation value has to surpass the PIV income!  That is simply WRONG!. The income is guaranteed to increase EVER year there is a positive gain in the chosen index after the rider has been turned on in year 11 at the soonest. In addition, the income can never decrease even in a down year. I must have missed the focus on the cornerstone benefit which is the ability to lock in gains unlike any money manager or mutual fund.

I will post from the Allianz brochure to clear that one up! When you understand how income increases every year there is a positive gain even if the account value went to zero.  I challenge any mutual fund lover to keep pace with that.  Standby as we are going to reveal the flaw of averages and why it is NOT a good idea to use reviews such as this that are not founded in reality.

IF you needed heart surgery, who is the man for the job? The one who sits in the library with anatomy books or the surgeon who has performed the procedure successfully hundreds of times? The Ninja is that surgeon!

So let’s get to it!


Allianz 222 Brochure

No review or assessment can be realized out of this spreadsheet as it never shows any increase in income. That would mean the Barclays Index was down from year 11 to year 30. It is more realistic to user the actual illustration from Allianz software showing the last 10 years. In the software illustration it simply lays the last 10 years over itself creating a 30 hypothetical.

To know the road ahead, ask those returning!

The Safe Money Ninja is your site! A calming place that is abound with the factual data without all the sales hype and industry jargon that has forced you back into the Wall Street fire! The Ninja speaks only about what he has spent many many years educating individuals on and implementing into actual plans. He will NEVER commit a common error that is seen in many review sites regarding annuities etc. While it is entertaining to read reviews based on simply plugging in numbers from past events and guessing what the future may look like as far as returns and performance. It is no more or no less accurate then reading last years newspaper and predicting next weeks headlines!  You need a well seasoned expert to both educate as well as design the right annuity plan for your situation!


“I heard” is good; “I saw” is better

The Ninja does not believe you can simply plug in data from a brochure and truly understand how the contract will most likely perform.  He compares this amateurs approach to trying to treat a patient with an antibiotic based  solely on looking at the drug manufacturer’s  chemical breakdown! A specialist on the other hand diagnoses and prescribes from a position of experience! The Ninja is that Safe Money specialist with 29 years of reviewing, planning and maintaining these policies. He was right there as these products were being created and brought to market and is well versed as to the flaws and got-chas that have impacted policy holders. These flaws by the way would never have been detected just by building an  excell spreadsheet to guesstimate performance!

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The wise listens to their heart, the foolish to the mob!

When I look back to my early days as a stockbroker , it is not very clear as to the first time I uttered the words” Hang in there Harry, Markets coming back, we’re in it for the long haul!” I now see how that is about the same advice you get from the craps dealer in Vegas after you get wiped out! We are going to look at the “herd mentality” and really see if that is the outcome your heart desires. In looking at the condition of the masses in this country in 2014 do you feel that the status-quo has really been rewarded for following the advice of the “Financial Entertainers”? If you don’t love what they Got , then Stop doing what they DID! It really is quite basic in fact.  shutterstock_142044607

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